I grew up as an all around athlete and dedicated wrestler. In 2010, I had wrist surgery that took me out of sports forever and along with that, went all my feeling in my right hand. I was lost in life for a while after that, but I truly believed there a was purpose for this. Having no clue what I would do now, I began going to the gym and fitness was what I fell back on. I never knew this new hobby I took up was my next open door, until 4 years later. Creating an image that I was able to inspire others with has been a great opportunity. I am now a published model, a sponsored athlete for ASD Performance, Mind Over Matter, Yup Brands. I am an  online training & blogger, and a NPC Men's Physique Competitor that placed 3rd at nationals. I am blessed to have worked so hard for a vision that I saw and slowly watching that picture unfold in real life. 

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